On-Camera Techniques for the NON-Actor

From Dan Cordle


Last week I was a guest on the 50th episode of Micheal Port’s podcast, Steal the Show.  Michael is a friend and former student who’s mission is to help entrepreneurs excel at public speaking.  We covered a range of topics, including:

  • Tips for looking awesome like a professional actor on camera
  • How “cross training” can benefit public speakers
  • How to rehearse your speech without losing spontaneity
  • The Perfect Speech: How to Get it “Right”
  • The difference between speaking on stage and speaking on camera
  • How to speak and connect to your audience on camera
  • Tips for overcoming camera fright and putting yourself out there
  • How to give an authentic performance on stage or on camera
  • How to influence an audience and achieve your objectives
  • How to handle your nerves and act naturally on stage or on camera
  • What to do with your hands and how to look natural on camera
  • Public speaking: What to do when your mind goes blank…
  • How to embrace life as a creative artist and performer
  • Fun games you can try immediately to Enhance Your Performance Skills

If you’d like to hear me address these topics, go to www.stealtheshow.com/podcast/itunes and play the 50th episode. Cheers!

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