On-Camera Techniques for the NON-Actor

From Dan Cordle


Last week I was a guest on the 50th episode of Micheal Port’s podcast, Steal the Show.  Michael is a friend and former student who’s mission is to help entrepreneurs excel at public speaking.  We covered a range of topics, including:

  • Tips for looking awesome like a professional actor on camera
  • How “cross training” can benefit public speakers
  • How to rehearse your speech without losing spontaneity
  • The Perfect Speech: How to Get it “Right”
  • The difference between speaking on stage and speaking on camera
  • How to speak and connect to your audience on camera
  • Tips for overcoming camera fright and putting yourself out there
  • How to give an authentic performance on stage or on camera
  • How to influence an audience and achieve your objectives
  • How to handle your nerves and act naturally on stage or on camera
  • What to do with your hands and how to look natural on camera
  • Public speaking: What to do when your mind goes blank…
  • How to embrace life as a creative artist and performer
  • Fun games you can try immediately to Enhance Your Performance Skills

If you’d like to hear me address these topics, go to www.stealtheshow.com/podcast/itunes and play the 50th episode. Cheers!

THE BIG BANGER! an On-Camera Workshop for Entrepreneurs


From Dan:

I’m so proud to have completed this workshop for a select group of entrepreneurs.

The workshop was held in NYC at the gorgeous headquarters of the National Society of Colonial Dames mansion.

In keeping the group small, each person was able to get the greatest possible benefit from the experience. In advance of the three days we spent together, we had weekly Skype meetings as well as chat sessions. That preparation, in addition to the days we met led to amazing results.

Here’s what we did on October 22, 23 and 24:

1. Expanded  performance possibilities through Voice and Text work.

2. Movement, alignment and breathing through the Alexander Technique.

3. Establishing a pre-performance centering warm up.

4. Improvisation – thinking outside the box!

5. On-camera work – paired improvisation.

6. On-camera interview technique.

7. On-camera lighting – discovering and setting up the best light for you.

8. On-camera composition for the home/office/venue.

The next workshop will likely be held in Princeton, NJ in January. If you’re interested in attending, reach out!

email: dan@thefilmpractice.com

Skype: (609) 557-7415