Fall Workshops


On Monday we finished the last of the summer on-camera acting workshops at the John DeSotelle Studio and I’m thrilled with the way they went. Seeing the actors work and the advances they made over the course of the workshops was incredibly rewarding.

The next Film Practice workshop starts on September 9th. As opposed to meeting for only four weeks, as we did this summer, the workshop will once per week for eight weeks. This will lead to a deeper exploration on the work where the actors experience of taking scenes from initial readings through blocking and filming. The anticipated days and times we’ll be meeting at are on Mondays from 5:30-9:30.

Most of the actors I work with already have a good deal of actor training. But I also love working with people who are new to acting and/or acting on-camera. So I’m offering a four week Emerging Actor workshop, meeting on Thursday afternoons.

I’m also very excited to be doing a writer’s workshop in October. In that workshop, writer/filmmakers will see their scenes rehearsed and performed by actors who’ve been training in the Film Practice workshops. This presents obvious advantages for writers, who often work alone and don’t get to see how well their writing works until their screenplays are produced.  This workshop also presents the potential for creating a company-like filmmaking environment, where produced work evolves from a collaboration between writers and actors. This  is the kind of thing I really enjoy doing.



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