Chekhov Film Project, Scene 1.7

Dan Cordle was the instructor, director and cinematographer of this year’s Chekhov Film Project at the Graduate Acting Program, New York University. The purpose of the project was to instruct actors in on-camera acting and to introduce them to the demands of acting in film productions. This year’s project included scenes from The Seagull and was shot on-location in Croton on Hudson, NY as well as in a rehearsal room at the Graduate Acting Program. The video clip is of the first scene from the project.

2012 LSFF Conversation with B1ST Filmmaker Dan Cordle

Shot primarily in the desert of West Texas, POSSESSION tells the story of a Beth Carwin, a young woman who inherits a large piece of land from her recently deceased father. Beth and her husband Daniel discover that there is e vast natural resource beneath the land. Daniel wants to sell it for profit, but a squatter named Osmond believes the land is sacred and should remain untouched. As Beth grieves for her father and tries to understand how he died, she must contend with a growing and potentially violent conflict between Daniel and Osmond.

via 2012 LSFF Conversation with B1ST Filmmaker Dan Cordle.